Trastevere Charme Apartment



Rome modern city. From Nathan to the Sixty-eight Gallery of Modern Art until 28 October 2018 An exhibition that, with the approximately 200 works on display, relives the many artistic currents with which Rome was depicted in the twentieth century….


Trajan. Building the Empire, creating Europe ( Mercati di Traiano until September 16, 2018).   For lovers of ancient art and archeology, this is an event not to be missed! To celebrate the 1900th anniversary of the death of Trajan,…

Happy Bday Rome

Happy Birthday, Rome! Today you are 2771 years old!!! According to the legend narrated by Varrone Rome was founded by Romolo in 753 b.C. From this date derived the roman chronology with its locution Ab urbe condita (that is: from…

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