Trastevere Charme Apartment


Rome modern city. From Nathan to the Sixty-eight

Gallery of Modern Art until 28 October 2018

An exhibition that, with the approximately 200 works on display, relives the many artistic currents with which Rome was depicted in the twentieth century. Among paintings, sculptures and photographs, the Eternal City is the protagonist and acts as a pretext to the works of the most authoritative artists of the last century. From Futurism to realism, from metaphysics to primitives, here are just a few of the names on display: Giorgio De Chirico, Giacomo Balla, Mario Sironi, Felice Casorati, Giuseppe Capogrossi; The Roman school with Renato Guttuso, Scipione, Mario Mafai, Lorenzo Vespignani, Giulio Turcato to the innovative and eccentric expressions of   Mimmo Rotella, Tano Festa and Mario Schifano.                                                                                                     Not to be missed!

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